Alter the Course

There are some actions we can take, individually and collectively, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and preserve our North Woods paradise.


Mitigating Climate Change

1Mitigation involves attempts to slow and reverse the process of warming by decreasing human-produced greenhouse gases emissions. Actions such as choosing modes of transportation and energy-efficient appliances and planting trees has benefits and consequences for human lifestyles and economies, as well as the natural world.

Local Changes for Regional Impacts

2Some degree of future climate change will occur regardless of future greenhouse gas emissions. However, local solutions that have immediate collateral benefits such as cost savings and cleaner air and water can have greater impacts on the region’s ecosystems, economy, and people’s quality of life.

A Starting Point: What You Can Do Now!

3Individual choices can have an impact on global climate change. Expanding energy and water conservation, reducing your family’s heat-trapping gas emissions, and enhancing clean transportation choices. One person can make a difference and help stop global warming.


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