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Dolly Ledin | Project Lead
University of Wisconsin Center for Biology Education (CBE)

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Hsuan-Yun (Claire) Pi | Webmaster
Department of Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison

Contributing Scientists

  • Justin Bagley – Dept. of Atmospheric and Oceanic Sciences, Center for Climatic Research, UW-Madison
  • Dr. Teri Balser – Associate Professor, Dept. of Soil Science, UW-Madison
  • Dolly Ledin – Outreach Program Coordinator, Center for Biology Education, UW-Madison
  • Dr. John Magnuson – Professor Emeritus of Zoology and Director Emeritus of the Center for Limnology, UW-Madison
  • Dr. David Mladenoff – Beers-Bascom Professor of Conservation, Dept. of Forest and Wildlife Ecology, UW-Madison
  • Scott Spak – Researcher/Instructor, Center for Global and Regional Environmental Research, University of Iowa
  • Sarah Wright – Associate Outreach Specialist, Center for Biology Education, UW-Madison.

Contributing Educators

  • Tracey Leider – Oregon High School, Oregon, WI
  • Diane O’Krongly – Hurley Middle School and Hurley High School, Hurley, WI
  • Hsuan-Yun (Claire) Pi – Dept. of Life Sciences Communication, UW-Madison
  • Don Vincent – Madison West High School, Madison, WI
  • Zach Wilson – North Lakeland Discovery Center, Manitowish Waters, WI