Local Changes for Regional Impacts

Background Information

Some degree of future climate change will occur regardless of future greenhouse gas emissions. However, local solutions that have immediate collateral benefits such as cost savings and cleaner air and water can have greater impacts on the region’s ecosystems, economy, and people’s quality of life.

Suggested Activities

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Intended Learning Outcomes

  • Describe adaptation strategies for climate change in their own words

Applicable Standards


Science in Personal and Social Perspectives

  • H.12.1 Using the science themes and knowledge of the earth and space, life and environmental, and physical sciences, analyze the costs, risks, benefits, and consequences of a proposal concerning resource management in the community and determine the potential impact of the proposal on life in the community and the region
  • H.12.2 Evaluate proposed policy recommendations (local, state, and/or national) in science and technology for validity, evidence, reasoning, and implications, both short and long-term
  • H.12.3 Show how policy decisions in science depend on social values, ethics, beliefs, and time-frames as well as considerations of science and technology
  • H.12.4 Advocate a solution or combination of solutions to a problem in science or technology
  • H.12.5 Investigate how current plans or proposals concerning resource management, scientific knowledge, or technological development will have an impact on the environment, ecology, and quality of life in a community or region
  • H.12.6 Evaluate data and sources of information when using scientific information to make decisions
  • H.12.7 When making decisions, construct a plan that includes the use of current scientific knowledge and scientific reasoning

Environmental Education

Decision and Action Skills

  • EE D.12.5 Develop a plan to maintain or improve some part of the local or regional environment, and enlist support for the implementation of that plan
  • EE D.12.8 Use cost-benefit analysis to evaluate proposals to improve environmental quality

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