The One Degree Factor: The Carbon Dioxide Game

Grade Level: 6 – 9

Students Will:

  • Demonstrate the greenhouse effect by showing how CO2 in the atmosphere holds heat and insulates Earth.
  • Show how human activities affect the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Activity Material:

The One Degree Factor: The Carbon Dioxide Game


Electricity Audit of Your Home

Grade Level: 9 – 12

Students Will:

  • Complete an electricity audit of one room in their home during one week.
  • Extrapolate their energy use for one year and calculate carbon dioxide, SOx and NOx production resulting from coal-fired powerplant electricity production.
  • Evaluate and look for ways to reduce their energy use.

Activity Material:


Additional Material:

Powerpoint presentation on electricity saving project created by Sara Krauskopf.

Global Warming 101

Grade Level: 3 – 12
Activity Summary:

  • The Global Warming101 Lesson Plans help students master the requisite background information on global climate change processes, the importance of the Arctic to global climate, the potential effects of global warming in the Arctic, and consider what could/should be done in response. They also help students communicate about the issue using communication strategies.

Activity Material:

[Materials provided by Will Steger Foundation and is free for download with simple online registration]

Calculate Your Food Carbon Footprint

Grade Level: 9 – 12
Activity Summary:

    Use interactive web tools designed to demonstrate:

  • the amount of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases your generated by their household or themselves.
  • the impact of diet.
  • how changes in diet can improve nutrition and protect the environment.

Activity Material:

  1. Carbon Footprint Calculator
  2. Tour the Food Supply
  3. Eating Green Calculator
  4. Score Your Diet