Welcome Educators!

This website is designed as a resource for high school and middle school teachers on the topic of climate change. The emphasis of this site is on providing hands-on activities that help students investigate the chemical, physical and biological processes that are part of our climate system in addition to communicating information about climate change. Although the basis for study of climate change is science, we have included activities that involve language arts, social studies and art to illustrate the interconnectedness of earth’s systems with human activities and the value and importance of expressing concepts and ideas through art.

We want to help teachers and their students understand how that information is gathered, how scientists work and actually involve students and their teachers in scientific inquiry related to climate change processes and impacts.

This project has grown out of the Paradise Lost? Climate Change in the Northwoods Art exhibition and Community Education Project and is a work in progress. Please be patient while we continue to expand and create this site. Please make comments If you have:

  • Additions, questions or concerns with a concept
  • Activities to share
  • Links to helpful websites, information, or otherwise
  • Comments on the general usage of the website
  • Problems with the site itself

We value each and every contribution you can make!

Thank you